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When passion transmits emotions

In the historical centre of Genova (Italy), next to the majestic Cathedral of San Lorenzo (St Lawrence), there is an architectural jewel of great emotional impact. It is a square as well, but more discreet, simply perfect: Piazza Giustiniani, which has always been a meeting point for different activities connected to the concept of beauty.
It is in this magical place that, today, the Contemporary Art Gallery Studio Rossetti has settled with its unique artistic ideas, as part of the ever-growing view of a renewed cultural hub in the historical centre. The gallery is characterized by unusual choices, from painting to sculpture, and by focusing particular attention towards emerging artists.
Studio Rossetti was born as a space of inspiration for innovative offers, in which interior design and artistic projects combine to emphasize customers’ personalities and to create a final elegant fusion between each artwork and its spatial destination.
The Studio draws its strength from the previous experience of the Art Gallery “Rinascimento Contemporaneo”, created in Boccadasse in 2010.
The cultural goal of the gallery is the interaction among artists and collectors inside its exclusive exhibition spaces, making them creators of emotions.

Elisabetta Rossetti

Studio Rossetti Contemporary Art Gallery was born from the idea and passion of Elisabetta Rossetti, gallery owner and architect.

Born in 1970 in Genoa, mother of two children, thanks to her twenty-five year career in architectural design and previous experience in the art gallery “Rinascimento Contemporaneo” founded in 2010 in the beautiful village of Boccadasse, driven by the desire to enhance and regenerate the historical centre of Genoa, in 2018 Elisabetta Rossetti decided to open this new exhibition space in via dei Giustiniani, in order to create a renewed cultural centre for artists, collectors and enthusiasts and to become an influential landmark in the city centre.
Precision, accuracy and constant research are the peculiarities that make the owner’s choices stand out, providing fine and trendy proposals in the art market.
Supported by a team of professionals, daily and concretely she devotes herself to conceiving and realizing important exhibitions and events which involve the city, by promoting art and culture and highlighting the prestige of the surrounding district.
The power and the strength of her passion, have contributed to restoring the gallery to its original role and the function for which this place was born: to be a space for cultural exchange and dissemination frequented by artists and experienced by people, refined for its choices and loved by enthusiasts.

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