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The art gallery is characterized by unusual, carefully selected and refined choices, starting from painting to sculpture. Studio Rossetti builds its strong identity by pointing attention towards emerging artists alongside already acclaimed artists, both in the national and international art scene.

Innovation and renewal are the constant subjects of research. The offer is uncommon, audacious, varied.

Participation and dynamism are encouraged through the presentation of exhibitions, events and cultural exhibitions, in order to celebrate the importance of art and its history.

It is not just an exhibition space; it is a landmark as well as a cultural, congregational, inspirational and meeting point, also thanks to the conferences that periodically take place in the gallery, stimulating dialogue and the inception of new bright ideas.

The gallery is intensely integrated in the dimension in which it is located and its cultural realities, creating a collaborative network aimed at encouraging exchanges and solidarity and at keeping the surrounding district alive, promoting art and culture, not only at a local level.



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